Dallas-Fort Worth Vitiligo Support Group 3rd Annual Walkathon

The Dallas-Fort Worth Vitiligo Support Group held its 3rd Walkathon to raise awareness and support for vitiligo on May 20th, 2017 at Bachman Lake, in Dallas, Texas. This event was sponsored by the Global Vitiligo Foundation, whose mission is to advance efforts to cure vitiligo and improve the quality of life for all affected individuals through education, clinical care, research  and emotional support. The event was a big success, with almost 100 individuals participating, including individuals with vitiligo, their family members and loved ones, dermatologists, vitiligo research fellows, medical students, college students and high school students. The day was beautiful one as we gathered on the shores of Bachman lake and visited various booths on phototherapy, sunscreens, skin disease education and face painting. Speeches were given by the officers of the DFW support group and organizers of the walkathon, after which we posed for group pictures and started the walk. It was a great day for a brisk walk, during which time there was great camaraderie and bonding between participants. Everyone enjoyed refreshments afterwards. A cheer went up when it was announced that over $8,000 had been raised through this event for the Global Vitiligo Foundation! The walkathon would not have been possible without our sponsors and the many volunteers that put in countless hours to organize this event. A special ‘thank you’ goes out to the co-chairs, Clifford Rodgers and Jorge Hinojosa. Their vision, leadership and hard work were the keys to the successful completion of the walkathon. We hope to see everyone back next year for this event.