2017 U.S. National World Vitiligo Day

World Vitiligo Day (WVD) is a United Nations-recognized holiday celebrated on June 25th that was first celebrated in 2011 as a way to spread awareness about vitiligo and garner support for the individuals affected by the condition.  The official 2017 US national celebration of WVD took place in the Detroit Metropolitan Area from June 23rd through June 25th and was hosted by The V Strong Detroit vitiligo support group. Attendees included over 160 individuals, including vitiligo patients from across the US, a few others from Canada, Cuba and The United Kingdom. Several GVF members participated in the conference, including Dr. Iltefat Hamzavi, Dr. Henry Lim, Dr. Viktoria Eleftheriadou, Dr. Pearl Grimes, Dr. Nada Elbuluk, Dr. Amit Pandya, Dr. Khaled Ezzedine, Dr. John Harris, and Dr. Richard Huggins. Speakers discussed a variety of subjects including how to deal with and flourish in spite of the day-to-day challenges that can be associated with having vitiligo, both established and cutting-edge treatments for the condition and the importance of advocacy in finding better treatments and, eventually, a cure for vitiligo.  Additionally, substantial progress was made in the GVF’s patient outcomes work by recruiting nearly 50 vitiligo patient conference attendees to give their input. ​