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2021 VIS – Day 1

Nicoline Post, MD

Meek Micrografting: A Novel Surgical Technique for the Treatment of Depigmentation

Helen Kitchen, MSc

A Qualitative Study to Explore the Content Validity of the Vitiligo Patient Priority Outcome (ViPPO) Measures

Camille Robinson, BS

Assessment of Vitiligo Patients’ Perceptions and Opinions About Their Dermatologists When They Were First Diagnosed

Marcella Willemsen, MSc Invited Speaker

Vitiligo Up-and-Coming Invited Speaker: Impaired Ifn-γ-Induced PD-L1 Expression on Human Vitiligo Melanocytes

Poster Session Q&A #2

Lamia Elgarhy, MD; Yvon Gauthier, MD; Jalal Maghfour, MD; Nicole Syder, BA

2021 VIS – Day 2

Rania Mogawer, MD

Efficacy of Narrow Band UVB With or Without Oral Mini-Pulse Steroids in Stabilization of Vitiligo Activity in Skin Phototypes (III -V): A Double Blind Randomized Placebo Controlled Prospective Multi-Center Study

Marissa Ceresnie, DO

Investigating Disparities in Recording Race and Ethnicity in Vitiligo Clinical Trial Screening Assessments

Monica Ottaviani, PhD

Vitiligo: The Skin Barrier Point of View

Jayvadan Vaishnav, MSc

Involvement of VTCN1 and Its Cleaving Enzyme NRD1 in Vitiligo Pathogenesis

Ahmed Mourad, MBBS, MS

Assessment of Tissue PD-1 and PD-l1 Levels in Vitiligo Patients (Case Control Study)