GVF News

May 2022 – GVF Resources

Dr. Amit G. Pandya, GVF President (2022-2023) shares important resources for those with vitiligo.

April 2022 – Lifestyle factors and vitiligo

Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd talks about the interaction between lifestyle and vitiligo. Watch her video!

March 2022 – Making the Most of Your Interactions with Your Physician

For this month's LWWV series Dr. Rodrigues shares tips on making the most of your interactions with your medical care provider.

February 2022 – Exercise and Movement

For this month’s LWWV, the focus is on Movement and Exercise, with fitness trainer Casey Stenehjem


November 2021: Cosmetics and aesthetics/personal and body image

For this month's LWWV Maggi Ahemd, MD, PHD talks about cosmetics, aesthetics and personal body image. Join her to learn more about how to live well with vitiligo.

Sharon King

October 2021: Professional Identity and Vitiligo

As part of our year-long educational campaign, “Living Well with Vitiligo,” we are focusing on Vitiligo and Professional Identity for the month of October.