2021 GVF Annual Scientific Symposium Videos

2021 GVF Annual Scientific Symposium Schedule
8:00 AM 8:10 AMWelcome Message
8:10 AM8:45 AMInvited Speaker #1: Brett King, MD, PhD | Yale University School of Medicine
8:45 AM9:30 AMPanel Case Study #1
9:30 AM9:40 AMAbstract #1: Jung Min Bae, MD, PhD | The Catholic University of Korea, Suwon, Korea
Development and Validation of the Fingertip Unit for Assessing Facial Vitiligo Area Scoring Index (F–VASI)
9:40 AM9:50 AMAbstract #2: Iman Sany, MD | Cairo University
T Central Memory Cells in Early versus Late Cases of Localized and Generalized Non-Segmental Vitiligo
9:50 AM10:00 AMAbstract #3: Ananya Sharma, MBBS | All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
Dermoscopic Features of Vitiligo and Hypopigmented Skin Lesions Other Than Vitiligo in Indian Patients
10:00 AM10:10 AMEric Peacock, CEO and Co-Founder MyHealthTeams

MyVitiligoTeam – 6,000 Members and Growing!

10:10 AM11:00 AMPanel Case Study #2
11:00 AM11:10 AMAbstract #4: Jérôme Van Causenbroeck, MD | Ghent University
Prevalence and Location of Disease Activity Signs in Vitiligo
11:10 AM11:20 AMAbstract #5: Youwen Zhou , MD, PhD | University of British Columbia
Vitiligo Development Is Associated With Deficiency of Pro-Regenerative Macrophages and Is Prevented by Macrophage Secreted Inhibitor 1
11:20 AM11:30 AMAbstract #6: Callie Roberts, BS, MS| University of California-Davis
Risk Assessment of Internal Malignancies in Patients With Vitiligo
11:30 AM11:45 AMPatient Update
11:45 AM12:00 PMMeeting Summary and Closing