April 2023 – 2023 WVD-USA Hosts

World Vitiligo Day-USA co-hosts Alisha Archibald, Justin T. Hall, and Perry Whaley, known as the "A-Team," share their thoughts about the upcoming weekend event, which takes place in Atlanta on June 23-25, 2023. Watch and learn about what's in store for the Vitiligo Community!

March 2023 – Phototherapy: A Patient Perspective

Vitiligo community member Aparna Deokar discusses her experience with phototherapy.

February Genetic Basis

GVF Physician Victor Huang, MD, FAAD discusses the genetic basis of vitiligo in this informative short video.

November – Women and vitiligo

Tiffany Grant, co-leader of VitFriend's NYC support group, talks about her vitiligo journey, and shares insights and inspiration for living well with vitiligo from a woman’s perspective.

October – Men with vitiligo

Mark Braxton discusses the effects of vitiligo on men, encouraging men to step outside of their comfort zones and reach out to support communities, have their voices heard and help young boys and men living with vitiligo.

May 2022 – GVF Resources

Dr. Amit G. Pandya, GVF President (2022-2023) shares important resources for those with vitiligo.

April 2022 – Lifestyle factors and vitiligo

Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd talks about the interaction between lifestyle and vitiligo. Watch her video!

March 2022 – Making the Most of Your Interactions with Your Physician

For this month's LWWV series Dr. Rodrigues shares tips on making the most of your interactions with your medical care provider.

February 2022 – Exercise and Movement

For this month’s LWWV, the focus is on Movement and Exercise, with fitness trainer Casey Stenehjem