FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development Video Segments

View and download the FDA PFDD Final Report

The final FDA report from the March 8, 2021, Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) meeting on vitiligo.

PFDD Video Segments

FDA PFDD – Kendall Marcus, MD

Opening remarks from Kendall Marcus, MD.

FDA PFDD – Theresa Mullen, PhD

Theresa Mullen, PhD provides us with an overview of FDA PFDD Initiative.

FDA PFDD – Brenda Carr, MD

Brenda Carr, MD gives a scientific and medical overview of vitiligo.

FDA PFDD – Health Affects and Daily Impact – Topic 1

Five brave individuals share their experience with living with vitiligo and how it has impacted their health and daily life.

FDA PFDD – Discussion – Topic 1

Individuals share their stories on discussion topic #1 (Health Affects & Daily Impact) and the FDA takes live phone calls.