Global Vitiligo Foundation – Community (GVFC)

Formerly the GVSC

Richard Huggins, MD

Richard Huggins, MD


Dermatologist, Henry Ford Hospital


P: 313-228-2186

Valarie Molyneaux

Valarie Molyneaux

Committee Member

VITFriends, Boston, MA, USA


Formerly known as the Global Vitiligo Support Community (GVSC), the Global Vitiligo Foundation Community (GVFC) is the vitiligo support group section of the GVF.  The GVFC is a national and international team of persons with vitiligo, support groups and physicians dedicated to creating a culture of collaboration and connection.


  1. Serve as a forum for information-sharing and collaboration on mutually beneficial activities for local, regional, national and international vitiligo support organizations.
  2. Serve as a conduit between the people with vitiligo and the other committees of the GVF.
  3. Empower individuals with vitiligo by providing them with resources to manage the physical and psychosocial effects of vitiligo today.
  4. Provide a vehicle through which people with vitiligo can help support the development of treatments and, ultimately, a cure for vitiligo.

General Information

The GVFC is open to all vitiligo support groups and individual vitiligo patients.  Please contact Dr. Huggins for further information, including:

  1. If you are a vitiligo support group/organization and would like to be added to the GVF support group page.
  2. If you have electronic resources (video, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) that you are willing to share with other support groups (these materials will be watermarked to acknowledge your contribution).

Meeting Dates

Check the GVF Calendar for dates and times.

Public Documents

Jean-Marie Meurant

Jean-Marie Meurant

Committee Member

President of L’Association Française du Vitiligo (AFV)

Student Coordinators

Jennifer Gilbert

Itisha Jefferson

Josee Smith

Zoe Smith

Destiny Stroman