Step Up for Vitiligo

Step up for Truth, Hope, and Change

In March 2016, the Vitiligo Working Group (VWG), now the Global Vitiligo Foundation, launched a public awareness campaign, “Step Up for Vitiligo,” designed to heighten the understanding of vitiligo and to generate support amongst the dermatologic and greater medical communities, individuals with vitiligo and their loved ones, as well as the media and public at large. Step Up For Vitiligo is built around a compelling educational video, “Vitiligo: Truth, Hope and Change”, featuring a wide range of vitiligo patients of many different races, ethnicities, skin types, and ages. The powerful and enlightening video has both full length and short-form versions to meet the needs and interests of a variety of audiences.

Vitiligo: Truth, Hope and Change (full version)

Vitiligo: Truth, Hope and Change (shorter version)