Vitiligo Spotlight – Justin T. Hall IV

Justin T. Hall

May 2023

Meet Justin T. Hall IV, entrepreneur, storyteller, Vitiligo ambassador, and co-host of this year’s World Vitiligo Day-USA in Atlanta!


In Justin’s words, “I try to do everything I can to bring awareness to our community. Fortunately, we have a disorder that will not kill you; unfortunately, that means it does not get some of the attention and focus it deserves. So it takes me and others like me doing everything we can to shed the light on our community.”


He continues, “I’ve always been a service-driven person, and realize how fortunate I am when it comes to my Vitiligo.  I have never felt sadness or angst about my Vitiligo. However, I realize so many others do. That’s why bringing attention to the mental side-effects of Vitiligo is so important and means so much to me.”


Justin points out, “As with any other disease or disorder, support is vital for those living with Vitiligo.”


 As a co-host of this year’s World Vitiligo Day-USA conference, Justin says he’s most excited about seeing everyone in the community.  “The WVD conference is like 1 big Family Reunion where you get to see 300 aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I’m definitely excited about the programs we’ve prepared for everyone, but I’m honestly most excited about seeing everyone,” he comments.


Justin says the one message he would like for the world to know about Vitiligo is:

“Although you may not die from Vitiligo, the mental effects and trauma it causes in some should not be overlooked. We must do a better job not only shining a light on the mental side effects but also getting people in our community the proper help they deserve.”


An interesting note: Justin has written a children’s book on Vitiligo, called ‘Aiden’s Spots’.  His second children’s book on Vitiligo ‘Daddy’s Skin’ is set for release on June 24, 2023!


You can connect with Justin at World Vitiligo Day-USA, on Instagram at @grindpreneur, and on the web at