Vitiligo International Symposium (VIS) Videos

Indian Dermatology Pre-Symposia – Vitiligo: An Indian Experience – Friday, December 9, 2022

Manju Daroach, MD

An Overview of Pathomechanism of Vitiligo

Binod Khaitan, MD

Autoimmunity and Vitiligo

Sanjay Dubey, MD

Recent Advances in Phototherapy of Vitiligo

Sendhil M Kumaran, MD

Immunosuppressive Therapy in Vitiligo : An Update

Mahesh Kumar Verma, MD

Small Molecule AB1001 as a Topical Non-steroidal Therapeutic Approach for Vitiligo

Deepti Ghia, MD

Case-Based Approach for Difficult-To-Treat Vitiligo

Ramaiah Abburi, MD

Topical Decapeptide in Vitiligo

Imran Majid, MD

Targeted Phototherapy in Vitiligo

Madhulika Mhatre, MD

Controversies and Current Recommendations for Stability of Vitiligo

Dilip Kachhawa, MD

Perilesional Skin as a Donor in Vitiligo Patches by Jodhpur Technique

Sahil Mrigpuri, MD

Preparation of NCECS in Stromal Vascular Fraction

Munish Paul, MD

Depigmentation in Vitiligo: Combination Approach With Lasers and Medications

Muhammed Razmi, MD

Can a Long-Term Favorable Micro Environment Yield Repigmentation in Acral Vitiligo?

Kanika Sahini, MD

Camouflage in Vitiligo

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion - Vitiligo: How close are we to a cure?